I thought about this We already have the Swiss Bank account as something very rare, for not say unique, in city-builder games, personal money

But, what if we had more control over Presidente/a (Presidenta is female for President in spanish) like, for example: (Everything said here is based in Tropico 4)

1) House: El/La (La is female for the) Presidente/a might be the most important Citizen of Tropico, but that doesnt mean they dont have a house, you must asing him/her one, and will use it occuping one family, but the Swiss Bank Account will be the money to pay rent, so, unless you have the Free Housing edict, your personal money will go to the Treasure (Excep if it is private housing) Also, depending on what house do you live in, it will have effects over factions, live in a shack yourself will make capitalist and loyalist angry, VERY ANGRY, but Communist will love you for this sign of equality, live in middle class houses will please everyone excep Loyalist, who wants you to live in a Mansion

Food: El/La Presidente/a cant, neither, survive without food, you must send someone to buy food for you, or if you want, go buy it yourself You can die if you starve just like any other citizen, so you should do this Howerer, the price of food is really minium, so, if you make good profit for the Swiss Bank Account, it shouldnt bother you

Entertaiment: Have absolute power is fun, but Sometimes you need something else for have fun, you should be able to visit things like the Movie Theater or the Restaurant or anything else to use it, paying, again, with your Swiss Bank Account, and if that entertaiment is from an specific faction (Ex: Movie Theaters set in Russian Classics) you will have more respect from that faction (In this case, Communists)

Work: Your work is the most important in Tropico, rule it, for this reason, El/La Presidente/a should be able to have work hours like any other citizen, so, there should be edicts to change your wage 1) Hight rewards: You gain 10,000,000 to your Swiss Bank account like wage, pleases capitalism and loyalist 2) Comrade of the People: You gain what an average factory Worker should gain, pleases Communist 3) Voluntary work: You rule just for the people, money isnt important, you gain nothing, pleases everyone, especially Communists, excep Capitalists and loyalists

Faith: In the create avatar, you can select if your Presidente/a is religious or atheist, if the first option is, then He/she will need faith, and that means go constantly to Church and Cathedrals to please this, making everytime you do so rise your respect with Religious

General Happiness: Always higther than a normal citizen, but if the Island's situation is really bad, it can lead to even he/she having it lower

Factions: When you create a Dictator you can elect your position with all factions, Including be a detractor or neutral, this will affect your respect from that faction, depending on rises to power and backgrounds somes might be non-electible

Luxury goods: Being the most important persons on Tropico gives you right to do this, you can buy a lot of luxury goods, like Cars to go around Howerer, there are Levels, theres a differences beetween the Car, the Luxury Car and the Limosine Depending on what Levels of goods you buy for yourself, the respect from Factions (A common Car will please Communist, while a limosine will please capitalists and loyalists)

Family: There will be a New option for a citizen, as long as not from the opposite gender, excep if Same-Sex Marriage is allow, its marry, it will require a minium of 80 Respect, it will make him/her the Presidente's Wife/Husband, they can have Children, wich are given the idea of rule the island after you pass from this life

Healthcare: As any other citizen, you Sometimes will have diseases, you will have to go to a clínic, hospital, or humanitarian aid Camp, if the last one is selected, relations with all foreign powers will decrease at 30, since they find inaceptable that a Leader must have humanitarian aid as any other citizen, Howerer, both USA and USSR foreign aid will raise in 50,000 for 5 Years

(Education is always at College, so no education need)

What do you think about this? This would, certainly, make it more realistic, and would give a better use for the Swiss Bank Account than just score, but I want your opinion, what do you think?

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