Uprisings are events in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4. When they happen, angry citizens (symbolized by a red flag with a raised fist floating above their head) begin rioting and attempt to storm the palace to kill the presidente, who is protected by citizens who are still happy and loyal (symbolized by a Tropican flag over their head).

Military citizens on both sides of the conflict will use their firearms but regular citizens will be forced to use impromptu weapons and thrown objects. Once all citizens on a particular side have been killed or forced to surrender (symbolized by their flag turning white), the conflict ends.

Tropico 5 Edit

Unlike Tropico 3 and 4, citizens who are angry and rioting do not do it alone. Instead, they form an "Angry Mob" squad (marked with two axes making an "x") and try to destroy various buildings and the Palace at the end (which are indicated with a black target symbol when they are under attack). These buildings and the Palace are protected by Tropico's infantry and tank squads (marked with 2 guns making an "x" and a picture of a tank on it) and the Air Force.

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