Unrest is a factor in Tropico 5. It shows how angry citizens feel. This can provoke rebellions and cause other problems. If unrest is too high, a Coup or an Uprising will start.

Causes Edit

  • Denying Elections.
  • Food shortage (People starving to death)
  • Declaring Martial Law.
  • Having a negative Treasury.
  • Having too many shacks and not enough housing.
  • High unemployment rate.
  • Sending the Army to protesters.

Countermeasures Edit

  • Having Democratic and All Citizens Principles make citizens feel that they are participating in the government more.
  • Having Plantations and Ranchs that produce food won't make citizens starve to death. This will also help with unemployment, as farmers are the easiest jobs to get and don't require an Education.
  • Avoid declaring Martial Law, unless you really need to or its part of a mission.
  • Have and maintain a good economy (positive Treasury)
  • Country Houses and Tenements will provide housing to the poorest citizens.
  • Try to negotiate or pay the protesters.