The Unnamed President (maybe 1890s – 1955) is a minor character in Tropico 4 and President of the United States. His role in the history is more important after his death that not in life.



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John Kennedy

JFK was an inspiration.

Eisenhower official

Eisenhower was President in the same time.

His background is unknown, but a day he decided to run as President of the United States.

Role in the historyEdit

This guy run in the election of 1952, but unfortunately for him, chose as Vice President the Senator from Nebraska Nick Richards, too much ambitious for stay in a minor office.

He won the presidential election, and delegate Nick Richards to the foreign affairs with the Caribbean nations like Tropico. During his term, the unnamed President launched the Alliance for Progress and competed with the USSR for stopped the nuclear danger and the illegal weapons trafficking in the Caribbenas, controlled secretly by the Presidente.

Richards, learned the Presidente's illegal trade, kidnapped Juanito, the TNT Radio's former speaker (Juanito was known for his strong loyalism to the Presidente) and employed some CIA's agents for brainwashing Juanito to kill the American President and blame the Presidente for the event.

Finally, the USA President was killed during a parade for the election of 1956. After this, the President got out in secrecy near Tropico plotted revenge, and Nick Richards became President.

End of Spoilers


  • The Unnamed President is based on John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    • Like Kennedy, the President started some progressive reforms and was killed during the electoral periods, but only in 1963 and not in 1959. Ironically, Kennedy was elected in 1960.
    • Like Eisenhower chosen Richard Nixon as running mate, the President chosen Nick Richards, that have some similarity with Nixon. The two also ruled the USA for the same time in the 1950s.
  • Like the President is unnamed, his name can be really those of Kennedy of Eisenhower, like an alternative timeline.

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