Ambassador Crane

Ambassador Crane, the US representative.

The US (United States) is a superpower in Tropico 3Tropico 4 and Tropico 5.

In response to the USSR's Communist ideals, the US is heavily aligned with Capitalism and the Capitalist faction . Their primary concern for Tropico is developing the island into a tourist destination and source of cash crops and luxuries.

The US operates an intelligence agency called the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). If relations with the US fall too low, agents of the CIA may begin plotting against the island. It's possible for a presidente to have risen to power by being installed by the CIA, boosting their relationship with the Capitalists and the US and getting a check for $2,000 each year but giving Tropicans low hopes for liberty and democracy.


  • Canned Coffee
  • Chemicals
  • Cigars
  • Coffee
  • Crude Oil
  • Electronics
  • Freeze-dried Coffee
  • Machine Cigars
  • Nutrient Additives
  • Tobacco


  • Corn
  • Gold
  • Pineapples



Rewards for Good RelationsEdit

  • Extra foreign aid
  • Tourism boost