Tropico4 tsunami

Tsunamis are a disaster that occur in Tropico 4 and Tropico 5. Tsunamis destroy buildings and kill people within a certain danger zone, which can be viewed as an overlay. If a weather station is built and equipped with an early warning system, tsunamis won't cause any fatalities. In Tropico 4, after a tsunami hits, a large oil tanker will be stranded on the island, reducing the surrounding beauty. This tanker costs $1,000 to remove.

Like any disaster, tsunamis can be disabled by running a sandbox game with no random events.

Drought4,5Earthquake3,4,5Fire4,5Hurricane3,4,5Oil Spill4,5Tornado4,5Tsunami4,5Volcano4,5
3: Tropico 3 • 4: Tropico 4 • 5: Tropico 5

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