Tornadoes are a disaster that occur in Tropico 3, Tropico 4,and Tropico 5. Tornadoes will destroy buildings and kill people, unless a weather station is built and equipped with a storm detector. Occasionally, instead of just one tornado appearing, two or three will touch down on the island.

Like any disaster, tornadoes can be disabled by running a sandbox game with no random events.

Rebuilding destroyed structures is disabled while the tornado is still active. This can be circumvented by using the demolish tool on wreckage, instantly clearing it, then placing a new copy of the building in its place.

Drought4,5Earthquake3,4,5Fire4,5Hurricane3,4,5Oil Spill4,5Tornado4,5Tsunami4,5Volcano4,5
3: Tropico 3 • 4: Tropico 4 • 5: Tropico 5

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