The timeline is a feature in Tropico 4: Modern Times. When opened, the timeline will show what modern buildings will be unlocked and what Timeline Events will take place in the next 10 years.

Building unlock datesEdit

Date Building Date Building
1955 City Park 1976 Business center
1959 Supermarket 1978 National bank
1960 Theater 1979 Seven-star hotel
1961 Sanatorium 1980 Electronics factory
1962 Fish Farm 1981 Metro Station
1964 Water treatment plant 1982 Aerodrome
1965 Ship-O-Rant 1985 Modern condominium
1966 Modern apartment block 1986 Telecom HQ
1967 Bio Farm 1987 Car factory
1968 Organic Ranch 1988 Diamond Cathedral
1970 SWAT HQ 1990 Space program
1971 Presidency (Palace upgrade) 1994 Ziggurat
1973 Borehole Mine 1996 Babel tower
1975 Solar power plant

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