Were you looking for Secret Agents from Tropico 3 and 4?

Spies are citizens in Tropico 5: Espionage that are trained to either steal money from a country, or destroy a certain building. Their indication is a form of a man in a tuxedo wearing a fedora and holding a gun.

Loyal Spies Edit

Loyal Spies are the spies that the Presidente controls. Their main priority is usually stealing money and new technologies, and sometimes can try to find dirty secrets about one country, and expose it to the international community. Most of these missions are usually pointed at Superpowers. They can also be used in the defense of the nation by stopping espionage attacks by other countries. These spies are trained at the Spy Academy and their indication is green.

Foreign Spies Edit

Foreign Spies are the spies that other nations control, and implant them after the Presidente's spies are caught in the act. They usually steal money from Tropico's treasury or target an important building. These missions are sometimes stopped with Tropico's spies, and the presidente has many ways of dealing with them. Their indication is red.

Dealing with Foreign Spies Edit

  • Kill Order- For $1-2,000, the Presidente can kill a spy via Firing Squad (or Drone in Modern Times with the Drone Command). This lowers the approval for the family and the people watching the death (this does not happen with the Drone).
  • Arrest- For $500-1,000, the Presidente can arrest a spy. A Police Officer from a Dungeon or Supermax Prison will run up to the spy and throw he/she in jail. This lowers the approval for the family and the spy.
  • Banishment- For $500-1,000, the Presidente can send the family away to the country they came from. The Presidente can acquire some wealth from the family. This lowers the respect of anyone who was friends with the family and people watching the family move.
  • Bribe- For $10,000, the Presidente can bribe a Foreign Spy into becoming a double agent. This makes the double agent sabotage the espionage mission that country was planning against Tropico. After that, the double agent leaves the island for another country. Only the spy leaves the island, and because it looks like the spy left the island willfully, no respect from the friends or witnesses watching the person leave is lost. However, because of the large price, the Presidente does not do this often.

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