Were you looking for Military Squads from Tropico 5?

A Soldier is a high school-educated man who serves as the island's main line of defense against rebels and foreign superpowers. Unfortunately, their presence also tends to lower liberty, though classes in sensitivity can help reduce this effect. The higher a soldier's skill is, the better they perform in battle.

If you select Installed by the KGB, then Grade School graduates will be enough(keep in mind only kids can get it), but Conscription Edict removes any education requirements at all.

Soldiers and their immediate families are allowed to live in army bases.

Soldiers work primarily in guard stations and bunkers, but also serve as guards at the palace and mausoleum.

Experience in being a soldier or general is required for men to become the Minister of Defense.

It's possible for a presidente to have been a celebrated soldier before rising to power, boosting their relationship with all Tropicans, especially Nationalists, and improving the presidente's success rate in combat.

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