Shady Contacts is Colonial Era quest in Tropico 5. In it Evita Vasquez claims that the Tropican people are tired of sending the fruits of their labor to the Crown, and would like instead to send them to the Smugglers for higher amounts of money. In spite of this all you have to do is initiate any export trade route with any faction.

Quest Dialogue

Governor, I've made contact with a group of not so reputable sailors who would gladly pay extra for our goods.

Tropicans are tired of working hard only to sell their goods only for a pittance to the Crown. We should try to find more lucrative trade offers. Of course it is up to you to decide with whom we do business. Nevertheless I urge you to strike a deal with the Smugglers, only they will give us a fair price.

Objective: Initiate any export trade route

Reward: Revolutionary Support

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