Sanatoriums are welfare buildings in Tropico 4: Modern Times. Unlike clinics and hospitals, sanatoriums can charge for their healthcare service, but they can provide free service too. Because they're privatized like this, they're not restricted for only Tropico's citizens; tourists will also be willing to visit sanatoriums in order to take advantage of Tropican medicine. Sanatoriums don't provide the same level of occupancy or healthcare that hospitals do, but they don't require electricity.

A sanatorium is required to start reforming the island's healthcare system.

Work ModesEdit

  • Preventive Medicine: By focusing on preventing disease and injury, patients who visit the building will need healthcare 20% less often. This does not accumulate between visits.
  • Obstetrics: By focusing on fertility and pregnancy, the chance of the woman in a patient's family becoming a mother increases by 50%.
  • Gerontology: By focusing on the aging process, patients who visit the building will increase their lifespan by 1 year every visit, to a maximum of 5 years.
  • Rehab: The sanatorium focuses on cleaning up and detoxing substance addicts. Only spring break and wealthy tourists will have need of these services, but the profits from such visitors will be increased by 150%.
  • Psych Ward: If the presidente has at least $7,500 in their Swiss bank account, the sanatorium can be transformed into a corrupt psychiatric hospital. Visitors to the sanatorium will find their respect increasing by 20 and some of them may walk out of the building as Loyalists.


Sunny Flowers: A new rehab facility just opened its doors for all of you depressed people.

Penultimo: Isn't it just wonderful to be depressed in Tropico?!

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