Rudolf "Ruddy" Thompson (prob. 1872 – prob. late 1960s) is a tritagonist character, who appears in Tropico 5. He served at least three times as President of the United States. He's a friend and ally of the Presidente.



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His early life before his entry into politics is uncertain. He was probably born at the end of 1880s, considering his life during the campaign and the Presidential requisite for election (at least 35 years old). As Penultimo said: "He can drink and then lift a steer",[1] it's deducible that he has rural origins or maybe is a landowner. The surname Thompson is also a common name among the Scottish and English people in North America, that live mainly in New England.

Role in the historyEdit

In 1912, Thompson became President of the United States,[2] and The Order's head in the Americas Leon Kane. In 1914 he requested that Tropico's Presidente befriend Thompson, with the final goal of controlling American politics and to expand the Order's iron grip.

Well-known as a strong republican, unpopular to "The Crown", el Presidente competed with him in three gambles, all won by the Presidente. The winnings included several benefits like an Opera House or helping to write the Constitution.

In 1928, Thompson was elected for a second time, and frustrated when his people became progressively depressed. He asked el Presidente to help him in distributing 10,000 free crates of fruits in the United States in order to raise the American people's spirits. When his plan failed, and the 1929 crisis started, he chose under Presidente's advice, between three possible solutions: more trade with foreign countries, more economic interventionism, or the unorthodox military intervention. In the late 1930s, his country finally got out from the crisis. Laterly, in 1938, when the fears for a new war in Europe became clear, Thompson asked another time from the Presidente for a clandestine operation: a famous Italian scentist wanted to flee from his nation, and Thompson's plot to acquire the scientist called for an organized ceremony in Tropico to award the Axis delegation, and then kidnap the scentist during the party. The plan was a success, but the Axis then returned to secure their presence in Europe, threatening the neutral Switzerland in the process.

In 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Thompson's term began to fail: under military pressure, he initiated the U.S military plan and ordered a nuclear launch, but the ship's captain refused the order and navigated to Tropico. With strong worries between the USA and USSR on the Tropico's position for the missile, the two powers deployed their forces in the Caribbean region and the danger of WW3 became real, but finally Tropico created their own Nuclear Program and the two superpowers retreated their military forces from the Caribbean Sea. During this time, Thompson tried to help el Presidente, but was slowed down by a coup's attempt by radical American militarists, that were finally driven out easily by Thompson.

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  • Ruddy Thompson is based mainly on wikipedia:Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Ironically, the first was as a Republican and the second as a Democrat.
    • Thompson is physically similar to TR and like he, Thompson's nickname is Ruddy, similar to Teddy. The foreign politics of the two Presidents is really similar.
    • Like FDR, Thompson started a wikipedia:New Deal program in 1930s and governed the US during the WW2 periods.
  • In the final mission Hope, Ruddy Thompson appeared again to help the Presidente. It's improbable, like if this is true, Thompson is at least 110s old. Probably, the Ruddy Thompson of 1990s is a same-named heir.
  • Thompson is the more friendly, honest and progressive President of the United States in the Tropico series, despite the corrupted and ambitious Nick Richards (T4), the paranoical President from Texas (T3) and the Unnamed President ever in T4, and murdered by Richards' hitmen.


  1. MAD (Tropico 5)
  2. In his appareance in 1914, the last American election was in 1912
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