The Royal Colonial Infantry are The Crown's military forces, and do their bidding without question, even going as far as invading a small and worthless colony if the King wishes so.

These invaders can only be encountered during the Colonial Era on two occasions: When Tropico declares independence and will not go down without a fight, and when the island's governor has abysmally bad relations with the king, prompting an Intervention.

Depending on the occasion the Royal Forces may disembark on Tropico forming from two to five squads of eight men each, so the colony will have to train a standing army if it wants to endure the Crown's wrath.

Physical appearanceEdit

The Royal Forces dress similar to its Tropican counterparts, donning a black three-pointed leather hat, white trousers, leather boots with white stockings, and a coat over it all, it being red instead of green or black. They also are equipped with two ammunition pouches and a musket.

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