Research is a gameplay feature in Tropico 5.

You can research more than 40 technologies that unlock various buildings, edicts, constitution principles, citizen manager traits and other dictatorial goodies.
Each technology requires a certain number of previously completed technologies as a prerequisite. It is possible to research all of the technologies available in a particular Era. Technologies can be queued - in this case research on the next technology in the queue begins automatically as soon as the previous one is completed.
Starting the game in a later Era or progressing in the campaign will automatically grant all technologies from the previous Eras. Advancing to the next Era in the same scenario will not grant any technologies.


Colonial Era Edit

  • The Sickle: Farm Upgrades
  • Cowboys: Ranch Upgrades
  • The Shovel: Mine
  • The Trigger: Military Fort
  • Foremen: Managers with Productivity Skills
  • Planks: Lumber Mill
  • Paper: Newspaper
  • Red Tape: Census, Urban Development and Building Permit edicts
  • Constitution: Voting Rights, Religion and State, and Armed Force options in Constitution

World WarsEdit

  • White Flag: Embassy, Praising of Foreign nations in Embassy
  • Legalese: Political Rights, Labor Policy and Citizenship options in Constitution
  • Electricity: Power Plant
  • Table Manners: Delegation and Alliance options in Embassy
  • Steel: Steel Mill
  • Tanks: Army Base
  • Socialism: Social Security, Literacy Program and Mortgage Subsidies edicts
  • The Compass: Drydock
  • Generals: Managers with Military Skills
  • Accounting: Bank
  • Bribes: Customs Office
  • Shiny: Jewelry Factory

Cold WarEdit

Modern TimesEdit

  • Hot Water: Spa Hotel, Beach Villa
  • Inferiority Complex: Modern Apartment,Fashion Company
  • Small Print: Digital Rights, Globalization and Ecology options in Constitution
  • Luxury Flight: Aerodrome
  • The Internet: E-Government, Free WiFi and IT Education edicts
  • Waterworks: Hydroponics Farm
  • Swiss Future: Convert Research points into Swiss Bank account
  • The Future: Convert Research points into Money
  • Future Materials: Free Building
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