Ratings are how people provide feedback on the aspects of their lives. There are many different ratings in the game from how Tropicans reflect on how good (or bad) their lives are to how well a building provides service.

Happiness RatingsEdit

Each individual Tropican has their own ratings on the following items. When put together their average rating can be found in the Almanac (and above the minimap as the Overall rating). Note that a building requires employees to provide services, simply building a Church doesn't mean the quality of Religion will improve.

Food QualityEdit

Food Quality is the volume and variety of food available to the population.

Housing QualityEdit

The type of building a Tropican lives in directly affects the Housing Quality rating.

  • Improved by:
    • Constructing better quality housing.
    • Building high quality housing.
  • Damaged by:
    • Lack of housing (resulting in shacks).
    • Generally having lower quality housing


Determined by the availability and service quality of religious buildings.

  • Improved by:
  • Damaged by:
    • Not having enough churches or cathedrals.


How varied and numerous the entertainment venues in the area are.

Health CareEdit

A rating of how safe a citizen is at both home and work.

Crime SafetyEdit

A rating of how safe a citizen is at both home and work.


Environment is determined by how high pollution levels around a citizen's home and workplace.

  • Improved by:
    • Constructing Landmarks & Beauty buildings (gardens, fountains, and trees)
    • Constructing a Garbage Dump
      • Both upgrades to this building reduces its pollution output
  • Damaged by:


The amount of freedom a citizen has.


The quality of the person's work place (if they have a job), how hard they have to work for how much money they earn.

  • Improved by:
    • Increasing wages
    • Building improvements (for instance: installing Skylights in factories)
  • Damaged by:
    • Unemployment
    • Decreasing wages


Respect is based off the individuals Political views (namely which Faction they support) and your actions.

  • Improved by:
    • Enacting Edicts that are aligned with a Faction a Tropican is a follower of.
    • Random event outcomes
  • Damaged by:
    • Enacting Edicts that are against a Faction a Tropican is a follower of.
    • Random event outcomes.
    • Not meeting factions' demands.

Tourism RatingsEdit

Each Tourist will rate their stay on the island with 4 categories. Each of these has a weight that determines how important it is to the tourist.


This is a rating of how high the quality of service is in the Tourist's lodging. Having more expensive/higher class Accommodations in general will help with some tourists but not every one will be able to afford such fees. Having mediocre quality lodgings (Hotels, Bungalows) for low fees will drastically improve anyone's stay.


The Attractions rating can be quite different for each tourist as they do not share the same preferences. Ensuring this rating is kept high can be expensive as it requires having a variety of attractions to choose from. In addition the quality of service from these buildings will need to be high.

Crime SafetyEdit

Crime Safety is the measure of how safe a Tourist feels during their stay. In reality the rating is a measurement of crime around the Tourist's hotel and the last attraction they visited. Spring Break tourists will actually increase crime in an area so having ample Policemen for these types is imperative.


The amount of pollution near the Tourist's lodging and last attraction visited. Any methods used to reduce pollution will help to improve this rating.


The average rating of the 4 main categories, the weight of each has an impact on this final statistic.