Pirate Housing Plots are Infrastructure buildings in Tropico 2: Pirate Cove that provide land for pirates to build a house. Pirates use their residence for stashing and resting. As a pirate's rank increases the quality of their house increases. A rank 1 pirate's residence is simply a shabby tent. Rank 9 pirates rest in mansions. If a new plot is created and subsequently occupied by a high ranking pirate, the plot will instantly become the corresponding ranked house.

As Pirate Captains take a larger share of loot than any of the other pirates on a Ship, their requirement for stashing is greater. Therefore, it is recommended to construct plot after plot, until your pirate captain has a residence. Plots cannot be designated for certain pirates.

Rank Residence Image Cost Stashing Provides Emanates
1 Housing Plot Pirate Housing Plot T2 Small 0 gold, 6 lumber 0 gold per visit Resting (0%)
Stashing (0%)
Awe (4:2)
2 Tent Pirate Tent T2 Small 20 gold, 0 lumber 5 gold per visit Resting (59%)
Stashing (39%)
Anarchy (3:1)
Awe (16:2)
3 Hovel Pirate Hovel T2 Small 40 gold, 0 lumber 10 gold per visit Resting (63%)
Stashing (45%)
Anarchy (7:1)
Awe (24:3)
4 Shack Pirate Shack T2 Small 60 gold, 0 lumber 20 gold per visit Resting (67%)
Stashing (51%)
Anarchy (11:1)
Awe (29:3)
5 Adobe Pirate Adobe T2 Small 80 gold, 0 lumber 30 gold per visit Resting (71%)
Stashing (57%)
Anarchy (15:1)
Awe (35:3)
6 Dwelling Pirate Dwelling T2 Small 100 gold, 0 lumber 40 gold per visit Resting (75%)
Stashing (63%)
Anarchy (19:1)
Awe (41:3)
7 House Pirate House T2 Small 120 gold, 0 lumber 50 gold per visit Resting (78%)
Stashing (69%)
Anarchy (23:1)
Awe (47:4)
8 Estate Pirate Estate T2 Small 140 gold, 0 lumber 60 gold per visit Resting (82%)
Stashing (75%)
Anarchy (26:1)
Awe (53:4)
9 Mansion Pirate Mansion T2 Small 160 gold, 0 lumber 70 gold per visit Resting (86%)
Stashing (80%)
Anarchy (38:1)
Awe (59:4)
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