Pinochet Ousts Allende

Pinochet Ousts Allende is a Timeline Event that can occur between 1973 and 1975, if Allende Wins Elections has occurred.

While the event is happening, the commodity price of weapons increases by 25% as the Chilean junta begins building up the nation's military.


In 1973, General of the Army Augusto Pinochet (along with the heads of the Chilean Navy and Air Force) led a military coup against the socialist government of Salvador Allende. The military junta that replaced Allende established a military dictatorship that lasted in Chile until 1990.


  • Augosto Pinochet is available when choosing your presidente to lead Tropico. His background is Generalissimo, he rose to power via a Military Coup, and his traits are paranoid, pompous, and entrepreneurial.

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