Ortega Comes To Power in Nicaragua

Ortega Comes To Power in Nicaragua is a Timeline Event that can occur in 1979.

When the event happens, relations with the Communists will be reset as communists celebrate the overthrowing of the Somoza Regime with a Marxist government.


The Somoza Regime was a Nicaraguan regime supported by the US and its corporations. It ruled the nation with an iron fist, using state terrorism and repression to keep its hold on power. In the early 1960s, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional or FSLN) was founded by students and Marxists in order to wage a guerrilla war against the regime. In mid-1979, the Somozas - crippled from general strikes, uprisings, and the loss of US military support - fell to the FSLN, who set up a council to rule the country. Within a couple of years, the FSLN came to dominate the council and Daniel Ortega - the only remaining FSLN member on the council - became the effective leader of the country.

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