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Building Statistics

Nuclear Power Plant

A source of Uranium (can only be imported from the USSR, currently)
Base Job Quality
4 Professors (College-educated men)

The nuclear power plant is a building in Tropico 4. It produces electrical power by heating up water with uranium-fueled reactors, which doesn't generate any pollution like normal power plants do. Because it requires a source of water and uranium, it needs to be built on a coastline and Tropico must be importing uranium. Every unskilled professor working in the plant will produce 100 megawatts of power, so a plant full of brand new workers will produce 400 megawatts in total. As the professors gain skill, this total will increase to a maximum of 1200 megawatts.

Work ModesEdit

  • Produce Electricity: The plant will only be used for the peaceful purpose of producing electricity.
  • Enrich Uranium: The plant will be used to weaponize uranium, eliminating the upkeep costs of running a nuclear program.

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