Were you looking for the Nationalists from Tropico 5?
El Diablo

El Diablo, the Nationalist representative.

The Nationalists are an internal faction in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4.

Ensuring that Tropico is a nation that they - and they alone - can be proud of is the main concern of the Nationalists. They're hostile towards foreigners and disapprove of anything that makes Tropico subordinate to or weaker than other nations.

Though it seems counterintuitive, first-generation immigrants to Tropico are just as likely to be Nationalists and can even become the leader of the faction.


  • People who live near the newspaper where National Pride is published will slowly be persuaded to support the Nationalists.
  • People who attend movie theaters where Tropican movies are screened have a chance of becoming Nationalists.
  • If the island's Eternal Flame is dedicated to Tropico, some visitors to it may be inspired to become Nationalists.
  • Every year that a National Day celebration takes place, some citizens may be inspired to become Nationalists.
  • If the nuclear shelter is set to save only Tropican-born citizens in the event of a disaster, more people will be persuaded to become Nationalists.



  • Having a national average wage that's lower than the Caribbean average.
  • Being allied to the US or USSR.
  • An 'Open Doors' immigration policy.
  • Accepting humanitarian aid and having an Aid Camp on the island.


Street Riots - Angered at the loss of national identity to foreign immigrants, Nationalists take to the streets in the hopes of killing a few in a wave of violence.

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