in tropico paradise island add 20 new mission (and conserve the 9 old at time)

Presidente first day: an explication of housing Edit

presidente second day:

presidente third day:

All mines: Get $400 000 in raw minerals before 31dec1989

aisled: Get swiss bank account money respetly to number of population 1000 for each citicen(20 people= $20 000 30=$30 000) wiouth hire soldfiers


camaradas de armas

rebeldes desfilando: Get $30000 in swiis bank account

we no have bananas: export 700 charges of bananas before 31 dec 1979

summer vacations

summer games: coonstruct before 1972 an hospital luxury, hotel, airport, power plant and have less of 5 shacks

space race: Get 80 with relations russia (or more) and 50 with usa(or less) and have 25 high education and 50 college education

soldier: construct a port 3 farms and late of the third farm have 10 years to build a militar base (requires arsenal) and a electric plant too there are an optional of one aiport and expórt 50 loads of bauxite

its my island:get 80 peple what care the presidente (80 workers, not have count rebels)

jailhouse rock: arrest 40 people and get 100 tourist

eco trop: get 60 eco turist at time and $100000 in swiis bank account

doowder island: get $135 000 in income for furniture industry and buy and construct 3 furniture before 1965

fish(pescado): win $500 000 in tourism and get $50000 in swis bank before 30 years

turn it back to heaven: construct an airport


tropicollege: need 25 tropicans with high school and 50 with basic school(you can pay for extrangere but dont count)

have a secret: Get 80 with relations usa (or more) and 50 with russia(or less) and get $20000 swiss bank acount before 31 edc 1979

mt. dirty:

presidente for life:

ride it knight: keep it in the power for 30 years

another fish in the sea: export 700 loads of fishes

travel paradise

gold fever: get 40 miners and 60 of happines before 1990

triasic park: reduce people 100 or less and had $100000 in treasure

mucho macho:

cala of peg peg : get $50000 swiss bank account before dec 1989

la buena tierra: Get $500 000 in primary industry sector raw (ranch and farms only) before 30 years

walktrough:build the most number of ranch of cattle possible and upgrade to smoked meat to export ,and make pineaple farms to fed the people

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