For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Missions.

Tropico contains 9 Scenarios (Missions in other games of the series). The scenarios place you in charge of different islands, each with its own goals to accomplish. The scenarios do not follow a linear storyline but some details may carry over from one to another. With that said the Strategy sections below may contain minute spoilers on how to complete each mission.


Born Again: Edit

Get 300 citizens and happiness to reach 60 before December 31, 1999 Edit

Gameplay: You start as Evita de Peron, $10000 and 20 people along with the palace, dock, and construction office.

Fruitas: Edit

Export 100 pineaple, 100 banana and 100 papayas (raw or tinned) before 31dec1979 Edit

Isla de Foresta: Edit

No common goal, you will be qualified before 31dec1999 Edit

Los Exconvictos:Edit

Get 200 people and got 50000 in treasure before 31dec1989 Edit

Mi Corazon:Edit

keep it in the power for 30 years before 31dec1979Edit

in this scenario you are hire for the onu and have three firs construction instantly and free but duty llevar relation with us cordial and do it ever election wothout buy or cheat

New Havana:Edit

Get $100 000 swiss acount bank before 31dec1999 Edit

Green isla: Edit

Get $500 000 in income tourism before 30 years before 31dec1979 Edit

Plantation Paradise:Edit

none special objetive test in 50 years before 31dec1999 Edit

The Mother of all Cigars:Edit

Get $2 000 000 in pures befores 31dec1999 Edit

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