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Were you looking for the Militarists from Tropico 5?
General Rodriguez

General Rodriguez, the Militarist representative.

The Militarists are an internal faction in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4.

Being concerned with Tropico's protection from rebels and foreign invaders, Militarists demand that the island have a strong military force. In addition, they also care for the welfare of soldiers and their families.


  • People who live near the newspaper where Soldado de Fortuna is published will slowly be persuaded to support the Militarists.
  • People who attend movie theaters where WWII epics are screened have a chance of becoming Militarists.
  • Students who are given military educations in high school or college might become Militarists when they graduate.
  • If the island's Eternal Flame is dedicated to the military, some visitors to it may be inspired to become Militarists.
  • If the nuclear shelter is set to save the island's soldiers in the event of a disaster, more people will be persuaded to become Militarists.


  • The Chief of Police and Generalissimo backgrounds.
  • The Elected as Fascist and Military Coup rises to power.
  • The Paranoid and Veteran traits.
  • Having at least 1 soldier or general per 30 citizens.
  • Having at least 1 general per 3 soldiers.
  • Tropico's military outnumbering the rebels.
  • Army Bases and armories.
  • Military education. In Tropico 3, having a high school set to the Military Education work mode is a minor demand.
  • Militarists in Tropico 3 want soldiers and generals to be receive more than $20 in wages, an army of at least 30 soldiers and generals combined, and a newspaper set to the Soldado De Fortuna mode as minor demands.


  • An insufficient military size.
  • The rebels outnumbering Tropico's military.
  • Not having armories.
  • Having not enough generals


Ultimatum - Angered over the presidente's lack of discipline and military might, the Militarists threaten to provoke a military coup in 2 years.

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