Sheik Sallim

Sheik Sallim, the Middle Eastern representative.

The Middle East is a minor power in Tropico 4.

Because the Middle Eastern economy is heavily reliant on oil, the region is friendly to buyers and very wary of any competitors. The region is Muslim and distrustful of nations that build too many Christian houses of worship.

The Middle East is openly hostile to the US and USSR.


  • Beef
  • Oil Products
  • Smoked Beef
  • Weapons


  • Coffee
  • Crude Oil



Rewards for Good RelationsEdit

  • Increased price of Oil Products
  • Random occasional gift of $30,000


  • The flag used to represent the Middle East in the in-game trade menu is that of the Arab League, a regional organization of 22 countries in North Africa and Southwest Asia whose populations are primarily Arab or closely related to Arab.