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  • I just want to pass thru

    I actually have Planned this for so long... I always wonder, What happened to Tropico And Presidente if it was in the Fallout Universe? The Idea is like this:

    Our beloved Tropican Autocratic Leader, El Presidente, was taking a Tour of Time (or Something like that). Between the Wormhole travelling, E…

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  • Seanchow806Napoleonic

    I was created my Jurassic Park, Bioshock Infinite, Tropico 4 and Indiana Jones crossover story called Jurassic park 6: Rise of Fascist Nuevo Honduras is Jurassic Park's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade tells about how Lieutenant General Sean Chow mailed his Dinosaur Cloning and Flying City Diary …

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  • Rennoc717

    World War issue

    June 28, 2014 by Rennoc717

    I am wondering if anyone else is having the issue that they can't send a dynasty member to aid either the axis or the allies when they want you to aid them in a battle in Tropico 5?

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