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  • AgnosticPriest

    Broken Images

    January 28, 2017 by AgnosticPriest

    Recently, it seems that many of the head images on Tropico 5 pages have gone missing for me. The infoboxes that normally contain them also display some of the formatting information. Is anyone else having this problem?

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  • CommunistGamer

    I thought about this We already have the Swiss Bank account as something very rare, for not say unique, in city-builder games, personal money

    But, what if we had more control over Presidente/a (Presidenta is female for President in spanish) like, for example: (Everything said here is based in Tropic…

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  • Tropican Wanderer


    One night, overcoming with sheer boredom , i thought about the possibility of this game being modded since it would increase the replay potential and making it a more ..... active,unique,and fun. since tropico 3's release in 2009 i've searched the net for mods but no avail, iv'e done the same…

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