Set in the "World Wars" Era, things have gone a bit too far for the mighty El Prez this time and the loving support of Penultimo just isn’t enough. Return him to his usual sharp self and share the benefit of advanced health care using the new Asylum building – though be warned: as with all things Tropico, there are two sides to every story. Will you provide health and happiness to the people, or push your enemies to the brink of madness? 

  • New standalone scenario: "Madness" 
  • New building: The Asylum – Provides health care and reduces negative effects of discrediting citizens 
  • New dynasty avatar accessory: The Funnel Hat makes you look super serious 
  • New sandbox map: St. Dimpna 
  • New music track
Tropico 5 Downloadable Content
The Big CheeseMad WorldGeneralissimoJoint VentureSurf's UpGone GreenSupervillainInquisition

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