Juanito is an unseen character in Tropico 3.

As the DJ of TNT (Tropico News Today), Juanito presents news from around Tropico, especially in relation to el presidente's actions. He's extremely sycophantic and loyal to the regime, unlike his rebel counterpart Betty Boom.

Due to his rather annoying voice and mannerisms (and the fact that the radio DJs can't be silenced in Tropico 3), some players opt to have Juanito killed by issuing the 'Kill Juanito' edict.

In Tropico 4, Juanito is replaced by Penultimo and Sunny Flowers, who openly says that they're taking over as radio DJs after Juanito's death. Killing someone named Juanito grants an achievement, which is a reference to the Tropico 3 edict.

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