For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see High School.

High Schools are education buildings in Tropico 5. A high school degree is a requirement for almost all positions in an advanced economy, from factory workers to police officers. In addition, high schools provide grade school level educations to children who live near them.

Religious and Nationalists approve the construction of high schools.


Effectiveness increases the rate at which citizens graduate high school. The more effective a high school is, the faster its students graduate: a high school at +100 effectiveness equates a standard 4-years (or 8 semesters) of high school.

  • Effectiveness increases graduation speed by ~4.73% per 1% above +100 effectiveness, increasing exponentially so that at +200 effectiveness, students take only 2 years time to graduate. Conversely, a poorly staffed High School reduces time to graduation by a factor of x2-to-x4.
    • The graduation time is reduced to 0.955^Effectiveness = 0.5^(Effectiveness/15).
    • The game uses full precision when calculating the time to graduation, rounding the results to the nearest month.
  • With Interactive Education, Literacy Program, Free Market, Mentors and enough adjacent Museums, it possible to increase time to graduation to less then 1 year!


  • Interactive Education Modernization: (Modern Times) For $4,500, the high school can be upgraded to use more effective, hands-on teaching methods, increasing the building's effectiveness by 50.
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