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Building Statistics

Garbage Dump

Base Job Quality
2 Garbagemen (uneducated men)

Garbage dumps are buildings in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4. Human activity on the island produces pollution, often in the form of garbage. As time goes on, this garbage will begin to pile up, affecting the island's beauty and the average environmental happiness of citizens. To handle the garbage and reduce pollution, garbage dumps can be built near areas that are high in pollution, such as housing or factories.

Garbage dumps become obsolete in 1964, when they're replaced by water treatment plants.

Although Garbage Dumps significantly reduce pollution in the surrounding area over time, the immediate area around the dump will always be moderately polluted.


  • High-Temperature Burner: For $2,000, the dump's incinerator can be made much hotter, allowing it to burn cleaner. This reduces the amount of pollution caused by the garbage dump itself.
  • Garbage Compactor: For $3,000 and 5 megawatts of power, the dump can be fitted with a compactor, allowing it to fit more trash. This reduces pollution in the surrounding area even more.

Work ModesEdit

  • Local Garbage: By default, the garbage dump simply serves as place to store the island's trash.
  • Imported Garbage: The dump imports garbage from off the island. This earns the island $200 per month but upsets relations with the Environmentalists.
  • Recycling: The dump works to reuse and recycle as much of the garbage it collects as possible. This increases the monthly upkeep to $150 but provides a relationship boost with the Environmentalists.


Sunny Flowers: How could they?! I cannot believe that El Presidente has built a dump over my favorite meadow! So many natural treasures lost forever. Twenty-five different plant types, twelve different reptile species, and... one... cute... bunny. My dear Snuggles. You will be missed.

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