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The Tutorial is to show the player the ropes of the game, usually for new players or players who forgot how to play. Everything (from citizen happiness to election ballots) are pre-programmed. There are only 3 short missions. The player can only use the pre-made Presidente, not their own. The character that only shows is Penultimo (Lord Oaksworth is an exception).

Campaign Edit

A Campaign is a game where there are a number of missions for the player to complete. Tropico 5's main campaign (Changing the World) has over a dozen missions, but some campaigns (like the Espionage or Waterborne ones) have 5-6. These types of games have unique goals for each mission, and one main goal for all of the missions. This type of game also has the most achievements/trophies. after you complete an era you are force to and recomplete that era on a new island.

Sandbox Edit

This type of game allows the player to change a number of options, like the island/map, the starting money, the starting era, and how to win (through points, money, or construction of a building). This game has no special missions, no goal, and can go on forever. There is a glitch in the Modern Times where if missions become scarce (the player beats them all) one type of mission will keep on repeating, wether or not the player has bested that mission.

Workshop Mission Edit

This game is a mission gotten off the Steam Workshop, and is created by other players. Most missions are just standard maps with only Sandbox missions, but some of them have custom coding for the player to beat. Any characters in custom coding have no voice-acting.

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