Dynasty Members Die Edit

This type of game over happens to new (or careless) players. Even so, this is by far the rarest way to lose the game. Happens when the whole family (including the Presidente) dies or disappears suddenly. Dynasty members can run away or be "retired". The Presidente can not retire (unless there is another dynasty member), but he can be killed (the only known time this could happen if the Presidente decides to use the fake war with the US for a change in leadership).

Overthrow Edit

This type of game over happens when the Presidente is overthrown by a violent mean (ex. Coup, Uprising, Rebel Takeover). If the Presidente's loyal troops have been defeated, the traitors will march on to the Palace to destroy it. If destruction happens, the government has been toppled.

Ousted From Office Edit

There are two ways of being ousted from office

Elections Lost Edit

If Election Day comes, and the Presidente's approval is below 51%, the opponent will win. (After the election, Penultimo will say that the opponent will request that the Presidente leave the keys to the Palace under the mat).

Expired Mandate Edit

If The Crown is unhappy with the Presidente (called the Governor) it will reduce his mandate. If the presidente's mandate expires completely, The Crown will recall the Governor and his family, and put someone else in charge of the island. This type of game over happens only during the Colonial Era.

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