Fruitas Ltd. is an American fruit company owned by Keith Preston and, eventually, the presidente in both Tropico 3 and Tropico 4. According to Penultimo, the company employs unethical business practices, such as using cheap child labor to keep costs down. The company is based on United Fruit Company. It has a rivalship with the Wisconsin Caffee Company.

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Tropico 3Edit

El Presidente uses the company to establish an agricultural industry in the "Bananas" mission during which they offer deals and aid for the island. Eventuly Presidente is introduced to Frutias biggest rival who offers the Presidente a deal which increases the price of Canned Coffee and Pinnapple. Pressure from Frutias' rivals and the US goverment cause the CEO to comit suicide allowing the Presidente to purchase the company for a mere £10,000 which will eventuly double the price of agricultural goods . In "The Great Game" scenario, it is revealed that the company is in fact a cover for the CIA's operations in the Caribbean area. El Presidente can decide whether to rat them out to the USSR or let them continue their operations in return for a free airport.

Tropico 4Edit

Tropico 4 introduces Keith Preston - Fruitas Ltd.'s founder and CEO - who helps El Presidente earn money through mining and trading only to betray them. Later in the campaign, the presidente must get revenge by becoming a majority shareholder of Fruitas Ltd. in order to oust Keith as CEO.

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  • 19??-1960 – Unnamed CEO (suicided)
  • 1960-1963 – Keith Preston (ousted from office)
  • 1963–unknown – Presidente

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