The Fog of War is a gameplay mechanic in Tropico 5. It exists from the beginning of the Colonial Era but disappears completely during the Late World Wars era. The player can send out an Infantry squad do get rid of a part of the fog. If the player has Espionage, and has the Ranger Corps built, the building will send out men automatically. The whole island can be unlocked if the player Researches The Compass.

Impact Edit

If the player still has the fog around the island, the player can't:

  • build on land where the fog is.
  • Can't see what deposits are out there.
  • What land is good for farming/growing crops.

Trivia Edit

  • Tropico 5 is the only game in the Tropico series with the Fog of War mechanic.
  • The player can't send out a Tank Squad on an exhibition.
  • Each exhibition costs $1,000.
  • According to Penultimo in the tutorial of the game, the men might get hurt from wild animals during the exhibition.
    • However, the squad comes back in the health they were sent out with.

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