Fear is an environmental aura in Tropico 2 which forms part of the resignation values for captives on the island. Pirates are not affected by Fear, so buildings and decor which emanate Fear may be placed safely anywhere in the island, though placing them in pirate-only areas (such as pirate housing districts) is generally wasteful.

Fear can also be raised island-wide by choosing the Once a Mutineer Background for your Pirate King.

List of Fear sourcesEdit

Building Fear Size Notes
Black Market (47:4) 3x3 Unique
Carpenter (59:4) 4x4 Unique
Fort (47:4) 9x6
Gallows (47:4) 4x4 Unique
Graveyard (47:4) 3x2 Unique
Interrogation Chamber (86:4) 5x4 Unique
Parrot Aviary (59:4) 3x2 Unique
Scary Decor (12:2) 1x1
Stockade (69:5) 5x5
Very Scary Decor (24:3) 1x1
Watch Tower (47:2) 2x2

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