Tropico 3:

That band of rebels led by your twin managed to drive you out of your own island. Taking the entire treasury, you hitched a ride on an old fishing boat, seeking refuge in your summer residence on the island of El Acantilado.

Chased away from their own homes, your most loyal supporters have followed you. Taking the burden of leadership once again you have promised them a fresh start. Your new island is a poor and dry hunk of rock. Several rich iron ore deposits are its only viable resources.


Your goal is to export at Least 5000 units of Iron by 1970.

Event 1 TextEdit

Jan 1950Edit

Thank God, you are safe, Presidente! After the rebel assault I was afraid that you were captured, or even worse - killed. Your evil twin has taken full control of the government. Luckily we were able escape to your summer residence on the island of El Acantilado. Some of your strongest supporters have fled our home country and have joined us here.

This island is mostly rock, only weeds seem to thrive. Several mineral deposits are the only raw resource we can exploit. Remember to build mines near the deposits, which you can view from the mining overlay.

Event 2 TextEdit

Mar 1950Edit


The conditions on El Acantilado are tough and it will be harder to secure enough food for our citizens. We could ask the International Aid Corp (IAC) for humanitarian aid. They can establish a camp that will provide food and basic healthcare to our citizens for 5 years.

Due to our special situation I have been assured that we won't need to go through the regular diplomatic channels.

To build a Aid Corp Camp you must issue the 'Humanitarian Aid' from the Foreign Politics tab.


Congratulations, Presidente.

You were able to export 5000 units of iron before the end of your term. From a useless peace of rock you have turned the island of El Acantilado into a booming mining industry.

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