Effectiveness determines how effective a building operates; that means it can preform its functions better with high effectiveness compared to low effectiveness. For example a farm with 200 effectiveness will produce twice as many goods as a farm with 100 effectiveness. A garage at 150 effectiveness will provide 50% more job happiness to nearby buildings as opposed to one with 100 effectiveness.

Increasing EffectivenessEdit

There are many influencing factors for effectiveness and its effect often vary depending on the building type. Many buildings have their own effectiveness modifiers (often noted in the description of the building): for example a farm's effectiveness is modified by fertility and pollution, but not by beauty.

General way to increase effectiveness
  • Increase building budget (also see Building Budget section)
  • Ensure a building is fully staffed; between -100 and 0
  • Building upgrades; many buildings have upgrades that increase their effectiveness, keep in mind that those may only pay off after a while
  • Hiring certain managers such as Foremen or Tycoon (see Dynasty/Manager section for details)

Besides that there are also some building-type specific modifiers or special buildings that can increase effectiveness:

Farms & Hydroponic Farms

Fertality of the ground (-100 to +50) Nearby upgraded sugar farms (up to +30) or cattle ranches/factory farms (up to +20) Argicutural Subsidies edict +50 (Farms only) upgraded Vehicle Factory with "Farming Vehicles" on the island (up +30)


Fertality (-100 to +50)

Entertainment buildings

Mandi Gras edict +20 upgraded TV Station (TNT Music Television), each nearby up to +20 (for a total of +60 if you build 3) nearby Fashion Company (up to +20) (Stadium) other nearby Stadiums +30 (up to +60) (Stadium) Host the Olympics edict +15 (Tavern, Restaurant, Nightclub) nearby upgraded Rum Distillery (up to +20) (Tavern) Beauty (up to +25) (National Park) Beauty (up to +50) (Museum) Age, i.e. how long it has been built (up to +50) (Circus) Nearby Llama Farms or Factory farms (up to +15)

Clinics, Hospitals

Immunisation Campaign edict +20 Upgraded Pharma Company (up to +40)

High Schools, College

Literacy Program edict +50 (High Schools) Nearby upgraded Museum +25 (up to +50)


Ecology constitution options (-20 with Zero Emissions, +10 with Economy First) (Jewellery Workshop) other Jewellery workshops nearby (up to +50), note that those do not have to be staffed (Vehicle Factory, Steel Mill, Electronics Factory) upgraded Waste Treatment Plant (up to +40)

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