Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis is a Timeline Event that can occur from 1963 to 1965.

While the event is happening, the Conscription is automatically activated as nations prepare for war, allowing the uneducated to become soldiers but making citizens more likely to leave the island or become rebels.


In 1962, the USSR began building and stocking missile bases on Cuban soil. The US, fearing an attack from the USSR, sent ships to block further weapon shipments to Cuba. Tensions ran high throughout the world, especially in the Caribbean, and many people now believe that the missile crisis was the point in time where the Cold War came closest to becoming an all-out conflict.


General Rodriguez: Listen up everyone! As you know the Soviet want to nuke the Americas and the Americas want to nuke the Soviet and somehow they want to do this in the Caribbean! To save the planet and Tropico El Presidente has enacted general Conscription. I'll meet you in the barracks, exercise on how to stop a nuclear missile with your body start at 1300 hours.

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