Crime safety is a happiness factor in Tropico 3, Tropico 4, and Tropico 5. It measures how safe from crime the island's citizens feel. A citizen's crime safety satisfaction is determined by the level of crime safety in the areas around their homes and their workplaces. Safety from crime is one of the top priorities of the capitalists, who feel they have the most to lose from thieves.

The presidente's profile can help discourage criminal activity on their island. Former chiefs of police, presidente's who came to power on a fascist platform or from a coup, and presidente's who are incorruptible or vigilantes will all enjoy less crime.

The presence of tourists, criminals, and buildings such as docks, tenements, and other cheap housing will lower crime safety while statues and policemen working at police stations will raise crime safety (at the expense of some liberty).

Certain edicts will also alter crime; both Mardi Gras celebrations and prohibition will encourage criminal activity while enacting martial law or a police state will lower it.

Tropico 5Edit

Crime Safety Buildings
Building Quality
Police Station 80
Guard Tower 10
Barracks 10
Army Base 10
House -2
Restaurant -2
Shack -2
Mine -5
Tavern -5
Ancient Ruins -5
High School -5
Grocery -5
Tenement -7
Teamsters Office -10
Drydock -10
Cabaret -10
Casino -20
Dock -20

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