The Communists are an internal faction in Tropico 5, first becoming relevant during the World Wars era.

The Communists stand for equality and social security, even when they are at the expense of an efficient economy. They are one of the most numerous factions and will become rebels if they are displeased.

The Communists regard differences in class as their primary obstruction. The creation of a strong, irreligious state lead by a single workers' party is their main goal.


  • Buildings: Clinics (5), Hospitals, and any residential building besides mansions.
  • Constitutional Stances
  • Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote (20)
  • Religion and State: Atheist State (20)
  • Armed Forces: Militia or Conscription (10)
  • Political Rights: Totalitarian State (10)
  • Labor Policy: Workers Paradise (20)
  • Citizenship: Immigrants Nation (10)
  • Personal Rights: Total State Control (20) or Security Surveillance (10)
  • Economy Structure: Planned Economy (20)
  • Media Independence: Total Propaganda (10)
  • Digital Rights: Total Firewall
  • Globalization: Protectionism or Strategic Sector
  • Ecology: Economy First
  • Edicts: Extra Rations (10), Social Security (20), Wealth Tax
  • Misc: Invited USSR (25), Invited China (15), Bribed faction leader


  • Voting Rights: Wealthy Citizens Vote (-20) or Male Citizens Vote (-10)
  • Religion and State: Theocracy (-20)
  • Armed Forces: Professional Army (-20)
  • Political Rights: Police State (-10)
  • Labor Policy: Work For All (-10)
  • Citizenship: Guarded Heaven (-10)
  • Personal Rights: Open Society (-20)
  • Economy Structure: Free Market (-20) or Plutocracy (-10)
  • Media Independence: Independent Media (-10)
  • Digital Rights: N/A
  • Globalization: N/A
  • Ecology: Energy Efficiency or Zero Emissions
  • Edicts: Tax Cut, No Free Lunch, Paid Healthcare
  • Misc: Invited USA (10)
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