To gain independence The Colonial Era is the first Era in Tropico 5, preceding the World Wars Era.

During this era, Tropico is not its own republic but a colonial holding of the Crown, who appoints a governor to run the island. Though governors don't have to worry about elections or rebellions, they have only a set period of time to rule known as a mandate; once a governor's mandate is expired, they will be replaced by the Crown. Governors can do tasks for the Crown to negotiate extensions on their mandate, but the ultimate goal of a governor is to incite a revolution, declare the island's independence, and become its first presidente.

To gain independence you must first gain 51% Popular support. Once you have gained that you can go back to your palace where you should have a quest. Lord Oaksworth will then give you two choices; either pay which will add an amount to your sovereign debt depending on your crown relations or you can violently gain independence. the crown will send royal guards to your island.

If you accept the sovereign debt or win the battle you will advance to the world wars era.


DLC/ Expansion Buildings Edit

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  • Building Permit
  • Census
  • Disaster Relief Fund
  • Extra Rations
  • Mardi Gras
  • Martial Law
  • Military Drills
  • No Free Lunch
  • Right to Arms
  • Tax Cut
  • Urban Development
  • Wealth Tax




  • The Sickle: Farm Upgrades
  • Cowboys: Ranch Upgrades
  • The Shovel: Mine
  • The Trigger: Military Fort
  • Foremen: Managers with Productivity Skills
  • Planks: Lumber Mill
  • Paper: Newspaper
  • Red Tape: Census, Urban Development and Building Permit edicts
  • Constitution: Voting Rights, Religion and State, and Armed Force options in Constitution
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