For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Cheats.

Tropico accepts a number of cheat codes to grant bonuses, affect rules, and generally change gameplay in some way.

For both Windows and Mac machines, codes require holding CTRL + <cheat> to enter.

Cheat Effect
pesos $10,000 or $20,000 into treasury, depending on difficulty level.
contento 10 additional Happiness points
rateddifficulty Change difficulty setting in scenario and free form modes.
economicdifficulty Change economic difficulty level
politicaldifficulty Change political difficulty level
muerte Kill selected unit
rapido Toggle instant building on/off
removepeople Remove all people from map
exacto <number> Set treasury number
editor Toggle map editor on/off
importmap Import map from PCX format image
onemonth go one month instantly
oneyear go one year instantly
respeto adds 5 respect in all factions but dissapear in the next month

Editor Mode Edit

Hold down Ctrl, and type in: "editor," then type in a hotkey in order to use the following editor tools:

  • U - Add units (spawn people, boats, planes etc. etc...)[note: some

won't work, they'll just forcively make you quit the game ex: dispatcher.]

  • P - Paint Tool, paint the ground in many different terrain choices. (Hold shift to make sea deeper)
  • V - Vegetation Tool (allows you to plant or cut down trees in vast quantities)
  • F - Fill terrain Tool (fills a specified piece of land with the terrain that you choose)
  • Z - Bulldozer Tool (does not work on ancient ruins, or a colonial fort)
  • Shift + O - Buiding Tool (choose a building from the list and place it on the map)
  • R - Terrain Tool (allows to raise, lower, smooth or flattern the ground to the sea level)


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