The challenge editor is a feature in Tropico 4 that allows users to create missions, scenarios, and islands. It can be accessed by clicking on 'Challenges' then 'Manage' on the main menu. Unfortunately, the challenge editor is not available in the Xbox 360 version or the Mac version.

Main InterfaceEdit

While in the map editor, regular buildings can be built by right clicking to open up the construction menu. Any building can be built this way, regardless of whether the island meets the prerequisites or not. Both building and demolishing buildings happens instantly in the map editor.

At the top of the screen are buttons that allow altering the missions sequences and the description, both of which are explained later in the article. Other buttons here allow building unique buildings (like the palace, presidency, ancient ruins, or colonial forts) and buildings from the Modern Times expansion, the creation of new veins of ores, oil, and salt, and the planting of fields of crops.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow altering the terrain by raising, lowering, leveling, or smoothing it out. The buttons on the side of the screen allow changing the size of the brush to affect a smaller or bigger area.


Sequences are lists of actions that the game reads from top to bottom. By putting commands in a sequence, things can be "scripted" to happen in a scenario. For example, the player can be given the task to build a new farm or an earthquake can be scheduled to happen at a certain time.

Map Description EditorEdit

The map description editor allows you to set the mission's starting date, initial treasury, population, and various other statistics.

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