Captives in Tropico 2 do all the work on the island but, being captives, require less comfortable treatment compared to natives in the other games of the Series. They require food, sleep, religion, order, fear, and awe. Most of the jobs can be performed by unskilled captives, but some buildings, and some jobs, require skilled captives, which can only be obtained from off the island, either by kidnapping or from stronger enemy vessels (usually Frigates, Galleons, and Naval Sloops) during cruises. Some jobs can only be done by female captives, and others only by male captives.

Unskilled Captive JobsEdit

Skilled CaptivesEdit

"Skilled" before the name indicates a captive required in order to construct a building initially, but once built, can be staffed by any unskilled captive. Ones without this prefix indicate that only these skilled captives, specifically, can perform this job.

Tropico 2
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