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Building Statistics


Base Job Quality
6 Soldiers (High School-educated Men)

Bunkers are military buildings in the Tropico 4 Junta DLC. Bunkers are essentially better and more expensive Guard Stations, so they should be placed near the palace and any other important buildings that rebels may target. Unlike guard stations, bunkers don't require generals and they allow more soldiers to be trained.

The Militarists will complain if the island has too many soldiers and not enough generals, so it's still a good idea to build armories and Army Bases.

Because the bunker is part of a DLC pack, it's not considered a 'military building' in the base game's programming, meaning its price isn't reduced by the Military Coup rise to power and its soldiers will still need to be fully educated even with the Installed by KGB rise to power. However, the Conscription edict still works with the bunker.

Work ModesEdit

  • Normal Training: Soldiers here will get the standard training.
  • Special Ops Training: Soldiers here will get rigorous and advanced training, increasing their experience rate but reducing their job quality by 15%.

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