For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Buildings.

All Buildings have an entrance and exit for the haulers. This should be understood to increase the efficiency of your island's operations. Most buildings can be rotated to either fit properly or have its entrance face the desired direction.



These buildings produce raw materials needed to produce most goods on the island.


The haulers transport raw materials from a Resource building to the appropriate Production building to manufacture its designated goods. With the exception of the sawmill, the finished goods are either transferred over to a dock or an entertainment facility.


These building provide Feasting, Drinking, Gambling, and Companionship to Pirates and Wealthy Captives. All Entertainment establishments emanate anarchy, however, and are best built close together, away from captive workplaces. Structures that radiate fear are also recommended near entertainment buildings to keep captives in line.


These buildings serve in constructing and maintaining ships needed for cruises or other naval activities.

Captive ControlEdit

Most of the buildings in this category emanate either order and/or fear.


These buildings are used for the Educate Pirate edict to improve their skills. All Education buildings emanate defense.


All of the building in this category emanate anarchy or defense.


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