Each building has a specific job to do for you and the people. If one building has too many problems, if won't function.

Not Effective Edit

  • Indication: Two gears together with a slash through them
  • Causes: Low beauty (Residential), Prohibition (Taverns, Rum Distilleries, Night Clubs), Smoking Ban (Tobacco Plantations, Cigar Factories).
  • Solutions: Add gardens near by Residential areas, and remove Prohibition and Smoking Ban edicts.

Not Producing/Some Production Cycles Not Functioning Edit

  • Indication: A full burlap sack with a slash through it.
  • Causes: Not enough resources going into that building, low effectiveness.
  • Solutions: Start importing or making the resources for that certain building. Raise the budget of the building.
  • FYI: A building will still make goods if some production cycles are not functioning.

Output Storage Full Edit

  • Indication: A hand-forklift with boxes with a slash through it.
  • Causes: Not enough teamsters/ teamsters are not reaching that building.
  • Solutions: Build more Teamsters Offices or raise the budget of the current offices.

No Workers Edit

  • Indication: A person's head with a slash through it.
  • Causes: From Education to Job Quality (can be anything else).
  • Solutions: Hire foreign workers (Education) or raise budget (Job Quality)

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