• AgnosticPriest

    Broken Images

    January 28, 2017 by AgnosticPriest

    Recently, it seems that many of the head images on Tropico 5 pages have gone missing for me. The infoboxes that normally contain them also display some of the formatting information. Is anyone else having this problem?

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  • CommunistGamer

    I thought about this We already have the Swiss Bank account as something very rare, for not say unique, in city-builder games, personal money

    But, what if we had more control over Presidente/a (Presidenta is female for President in spanish) like, for example: (Everything said here is based in Tropico 4)

    1) House: El/La (La is female for the) Presidente/a might be the most important Citizen of Tropico, but that doesnt mean they dont have a house, you must asing him/her one, and will use it occuping one family, but the Swiss Bank Account will be the money to pay rent, so, unless you have the Free Housing edict, your personal money will go to the Treasure (Excep if it is private housing) Also, depending on what house do you live in, it will hav…

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  • Tropican Wanderer


    One night, overcoming with sheer boredom , i thought about the possibility of this game being modded since it would increase the replay potential and making it a more ..... active,unique,and fun. since tropico 3's release in 2009 i've searched the net for mods but no avail, iv'e done the same to 4 but nada.But.. when i searched for mods on it's 5th installment i found this.:

    I haven't tried al of them but they're interesting.

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  • I just want to pass thru

    I actually have Planned this for so long... I always wonder, What happened to Tropico And Presidente if it was in the Fallout Universe? The Idea is like this:

    Our beloved Tropican Autocratic Leader, El Presidente, was taking a Tour of Time (or Something like that). Between the Wormhole travelling, El Presidente was "Fell Overboard" into another Time (and universe probably) and Finding Himself unconcious in the Middle of no-where and no-when. After he knows the Exact Time from "THE TROPICO'S TIME DETETCTOR" that he is in the year 2277. and in the Middle of nuclear devastated city that only God Knows where, He wonders Aimlessly and Desperately looking for a way back home.

    He is Getting really Desperate knowing nothing will save him. BUT! A shi…

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  • Seanchow806Napoleonic

    I was created my Jurassic Park, Bioshock Infinite, Tropico 4 and Indiana Jones crossover story called Jurassic park 6: Rise of Fascist Nuevo Honduras is Jurassic Park's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade tells about how Lieutenant General Sean Chow mailed his Dinosaur Cloning and Flying City Diary to his daughter for safekeeping from Fascist Nuevo Hondurans.

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  • Rennoc717

    World War issue

    June 28, 2014 by Rennoc717

    I am wondering if anyone else is having the issue that they can't send a dynasty member to aid either the axis or the allies when they want you to aid them in a battle in Tropico 5?

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  • Seanchow806Napoleonic

    I was using German World War 2 and Soviet Cold War vintage weapons for Nuevo Salvadoran Military in Falkland War-style campaign disputed between Nuevo Salvadoran Military Government and the Merrikeepian Absolute Monarchist Government over the island of Santa Verde for huge amount of gold and iron ore and oil reserves. Nuevo Salvador governed by hereditary military constitutional dictatorship ruled by Chow Dynasty for General Sean Chow who led the revolt against the European Monarchy and was passed to his younger daughter Marisol Harriet Wisdom Georgina Chow as his heiress as the next dictator of Nuevo Salvador when the World Wars erupted Nuevo Salvador chose the Axis side mostly Germany who supplied with small arms, artillery, tanks, plane…

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  • Seanchow806Napoleonic

    I am going to create a Tropico 5 fanfiction story about a pirate girl who is a skilled surgeon shipwrecked off the coast of Nuevo Salvador is an European island colony where war of independence occurred between the European Royalist Army of the Crown and the Nuevo Salvadoran Revolutionary Army of former Chinese-Canadian governor-turned revolutionary leader.

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  • Seanchow806Napoleonic

    I was going to create a Frozen, Tropico 5 and Bioshock Infinite Crossover called The Arendelle Princess of Nuevo Honduras in an alternate universe for Anna was kidnapped from Arendelle by Mother Gothel from Tangled and taken to Nuevo Honduras where she was locked up in Monument Island Mansion and she was forced to forget her home and family from Arendelle because her warden "The Songbird" will recapture her anywhere because heart was implanted with flower to keep Mother Gothel's immortality sustained. In 2024, this will change forever for at least after ten years when a veteran military volunteer from Canada was Major General Sean Michael George Chow arrived in Nuevo Honduras to "Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt", this will mean to…

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  • Harmega


    May 18, 2014 by Harmega
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  • Matt Hadick

    Fans looking to get a sneak peak of the upcoming Tropico 5 should check out Kalypso Media's Twitch Page for an hour long in-depth stream of the game. In the video, the team provides an overview of the game's many new features, buildings, and more!

    Let us know your thoughts about the stream -- and Tropico 5 in general -- in the comments!
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  • Sack of Nuts


    August 2, 2013 by Sack of Nuts

    I was thinking that there could be a "guides" program, similar to on another wiki I visit often. How it works is: Whenever someone wants to make a guide, they make a page labeled "Guides/(The game the guide is for)/(what the guide is about)". As some of you know, this would make a page named "Guides" that acts as a hub for all of the other pages that start with "Guides/". On the Guides page, there would be catagories for each game, leading to another page. Then that page would act as a sub-hub with catagories for each element of the game. This would be promoting more people to join, as well as adding more strategy for what to do with the various things on this wiki, as opposed to just statistics.

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  • Bakkeri

    Hello dear fellow people type things of Tropico (Wiki). This is Bakkeri speaking and today I noticed a problem, now there will always be problems, especially in the current skeletal state that we find ourselves in. With no new immigrants coming to this wiki as far as I know we seem to be a bit distanced from the magic that is tropico.

    Penultimo kindly pointed out to me that I should write a blog post instead of focusing my attention on those lovely showgirls; so I had him shot, BUT! It made me think and so here I am. Now I noticed that no one seems very chatty here, so let me grease the wheels. I want to know all about, and I can't believe I am saying this, but, YOU! YES YOU! I want you to tell me of your greatest exploits in Tropico, I sha…

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