For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Background.

Backgrounds describe what the presidente did before coming to power. All backgrounds give different advantages, though some of them come with downsides as well.


Biblical ScholarEdit

A theologist of great renown. Your interpretations of the Bible have raised a few eyebrows however.

Booze BaronEdit

Made your mark in the world by creating a pleasant tasting rum using select ingredients from the island.

Chief of PoliceEdit

Your experience as the old chief of police has given you particular insight into fighting crime.

  • +10 Respect with the Militarists
  • -10% Liberty
  • -40% Crime


You've spent your life creating something from something. Fortunately, you know how to buy up the unused somethings.


Agriculture is a powerful force in your life and you are a powerful force in agriculture.

Fortunate SonEdit

Your status as the offspring of the old presidente has made you well-known and liked by the people, but your feeble accomplishments to date have garnered you no further advantages.


You've earned your place amongst the highest ranks of the island's military leaders.

  • +20 Respect with the Militarists
  • -20% Liberty
  • +15% Soldier efficiency

Harvard U.Edit

You earned a scholarship to this prestigious university and have returned to your homeland with a capitalist's eye.

Leftist AuthorEdit

Popular leftist writer who wrote his first book at night while working on local plantations as a laborer.

Man Of The PeopleEdit

Your social views have rubbed the Church the wrong way but made you extremely popular with the working class.


Toughened by the life of a miner, you've reached the unusual stage of having strong relations with both laborers and capitalists.

Moscow U.Edit

Chosen to attend this influential institution, you've returned to the motherland to bring about social change.


PhD of Natural Sciences from European universities. You've come to champion the people and natural resources.

Pop SingerEdit

The original one-hit wonder - your song 'Quien se comio mi pollo?' introduced the world to the Tropican beat. Your career faded, but Yanquis will still crowd a nightclub to see you strut your stuff.

  • +5 Respect with all Factions
  • +10 US Relations
  • +10% Tourism Rating
  • +30 Nightclub Service Quality


A learned individual, you've set your sights on controlling the government.

  • +20 Respect with the Intellectuals
  • +50% faster education and skill training

Self-Made ManEdit

From the poorer section of the island, you've pulled yourself up by the bootstraps and owe a debt to no one.

  • +10 Respect with the Capitalists
  • +10 US Relations
  • +15% Factory Worker Production

Silver SpoonEdit

Growing up in privilege, you've little in common with the common people but find comfort at the yacht club.

  • -10 Respect with the Communists
  • +25 Respect with the Capitalists
  • +10% Tourism Rating
  • +10% Factory Worker Production
  • +$20% Starting Cash

Travel AgentEdit

Requires Tropico: Paradise Island.

You've followed your dreams of island paradises, and helped others do the same.

  • +20% Tourism Rating
  • +10 Attractions and Entertainment Service Quality

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