Auras are environmental factors emanated by many buildings and decor in Tropico 2. Auras have a base Strength value and a Range (indicating clusters of 4x4 tiles) indicating the limits of their area of effect. When pirates or captives pass through an aura that affects them, they gradually adjust their personal level to match that of the aura.


  • Anarchy: Functionally opposite to Order. Generated by the various Entertainment buildings, decor, and certain unique buildings, these auras have a positive effect on pirate happiness and a negative effect on captive resignation.
  • Awe: Generated by the various levels of Pirate Housing Plots, these auras positively affect captives, and have no known effect on pirates.
  • Defense: Generated by various buildings and decor, these auras positively affect pirates and have no effect on captives.
  • Fear: Generated by various buildings and decor, these auras positively affect captives and have no effect on pirates.
  • Order: Functionally opposite to Anarchy. Generated by various buildings and decor, these auras have a positive effect on captives and a negative effect on pirates.


Insert some general strategy regarding zoning and auras here.


The Strength value shown in-game is expressed as a percentage representation of the base value on a 0-255 point scale, with the exception of Anarchy/Order, which use a 16-bit signed value to give a 0-255 point scale for Order and a -1 to -256Verify> point scale for Anarchy.

The Range value is given in terms of 4x4 tile clusters extending in cardinal directions from the central cluster the building/decor item is placed on. For the distance, including the various diagonals, the distance is simply the hypotenuse formed by the x and y distances from the center. The Distance can never exceed the given Range value.

Strength for a given cluster (in base value units) is thus:

Strength = \left \lfloor \frac{Base Strength \times \left(Range - Distance + 1\right)}{Range} \right \rfloor
Note that \lfloor x\rfloor means the greatest integer less than or equal to x.

When buildings, decor, or game-wide boosts to an aura overlap, the resultant values at each cluster are added together before rounding down.

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